Bust Predictions

Every year there are players who do not live up to expectations. This can be especially hurtful to a team if it’s an early first round draft pick because of financial obligations those picks call for. Some players are great college football players but do not transition to the professional level because of lack of athleticism, work ethic issues, or poor scheme fit. Tim Tebow, for example, was one of the best college football players of all-time yet couldn’t find a roster spot in the NFL for more than a few seasons. Here are some of the players that I could see not making an impact at the professional level.

Quincy Wilson – Cornerback, Florida

Projected to be a first-round pick at least until he tested poorly at the Scouting Combine. He was a good player at Florida but I don’t think he has the speed to run with wide receivers on the outside. He also seems a little stiff in the hips which NFL receivers and coaches will expose if he’s on the field. He could find his best position at the next level to be safety. He can use his good football instincts without having to turn his hips and move laterally as much.

Patrick Mahomes – Quarterback, Texas Tech

Mahomes has been compared to the great Brett Favre for his backyard style of play and cannon for an arm. There is no doubting his arm strength. His footwork and mechanics are at a high school level. He could succeed under extreme and great coaching, but that would mean he would have to go to the Kansas City Chiefs or Arizona Cardinals in my opinion. He is such a project right now that he couldn’t see the field for at least one season.

Derek Barnett – Defensive End, Tennessee

He was a very successful and decorated defensive end during his three seasons at UT. He had double digit sacks every single season and 13 sacks as a junior. Like I said though not all college players transition well to the pros. He is a rather pedestrian athlete for having such a great college career. He is 260 pounds and ran his 40-yard dash in in 4.88 seconds. He will not be able to use his power against NFL offensive lineman like he did in the SEC. Unless he adds weight to his frame while increasing agility he won’t ever see double-digit sack totals in an NFL season.




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