Sleepers in NFL Draft

Every year there is are many players who exceed their draft status. Just look at 5-time super bowl champion Tom Brady. Brady was not drafted until the 6th round, and every single NFL team passed on him multiple times. He now is considered one of the top quarterbacks of all time. His 5th championship this year is more than any NFL team has in its history, other than the Steelers. Same to say a lot of teams got it wrong when scouting Brady. Here are some sleepers in the upcoming draft:

QB: Brad Kaaya- The Miami quarterback was a three-year starter in college, so he has lots of film for teams to study. Brad need to add weight, but his arm strength is intriguing. He does not always handle the defense’s pressure well, so teams will blitz him often if that doesn’t improve.

RB: Jeremy McNichols- He can follow a long line of successful Boise State running backs. The past two thriving in the NFL are Jay Ajayi and Doug Martin. Jeremy has the tools to be a similar every down back like his predecessors. His biggest issue is fumbling, but he has good running vision.

WR: Zay Jones- I have already written about the ECU wide receiver so I will keep it brief. His competition was not as the best playing at ECU, but he still dominated everyone he lined up against. In today’s passing NFL he could really put up some numbers even as a rookie.

TE: Gerald Everett- He plays tight end for South Alabama. Another small school guy in this year’s draft destined for greatness. Everett is a bit undersized for his position, but an NFL team will bulk him up. He can run really well and be a weapon in the middle of the field for a QB.


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